Monday, 10 June 2013

Knock Knock Knocking on...Summer's Door !

at summertime I usually go to our little house in Mesi beach. Which is just in front of the sea ! I have a very great time there and interesting experiences , because all of my friends are actually my neighbors there :)

Here are some pictures of our house :

These are some cassettes that some of them belonged to my father and some of them to my mother. Actually I love their taste of music

Our house is not that big but in case you get lost...

My grandpa used to be a cook when he was younger and he was a hunter , too. So he and my grandmother were working in their small restaurant , and waiter was my father. So this piece of wood was the name of their restaurant in greek . As long as now this restaurant does not excist we just grabbed it and put it on our kithcen .

It's not difficult to understand that this is my room .

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