Tuesday, 4 June 2013

POSTERS ! all over the walls.

Actually I LOVE posters ! If I had the chance my walls would be covered with posters ! Because in my opinion everyone should have someting on their wall it just completes you character and make you feel in your own room . At this time I have a huuuuge poster of Game of thrones  (which I am kinda addicted to it), a beatles poster ( cause I am a beatles nerd ) , coca-cola old advertisment poster , which says << continuois quality is quality you trust >> , and a Tardis picture from Doctor Who .

I can say that I want this poster . And I know that only my best friends is following my blog so I want her to buy me this as a present , Thank you.
You can put on your wall quotes that are meaningfull for you , too.

if you wear glasses , you know...

 In my room I have a wall that is empty. I was just thinking covering it with some cartoon pictures. This is why I love Ray William Johnson 's wall.

Having pictures on your wall is a good idea , too.

So I know I'm blogging on my own :) I'm not patient. I know that no one will follow me but whateveeeerrr I don't even know if my best friends is reading this now but whateveeer

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