Friday, 14 June 2013

Pretty Little Liars : SONGS season4,episode1


I am a huge fan of PLL, and this new episode of 4th season was A-MA-ZING .
The songs that were included in this episode made it more exciting. Here is the list of songs of s04e01.

  • Scene : When the girls see Wilden's dead body. 
  • Song : Kill of the night
  • Artist :Gin Wigmore                                      

  •  Scene : Funeral
  • Song : Hurricane
  • Artist : MS MR

  • The last scene when the girls receive a text message.
  • Song: The Devil within
  • Artist : Digital Dagggers


  1. I'm a huge Pretty Little Liars fan too! And oh gosh, I've been trying to find what the songs were in the episode. Thank God for this post haha! :) love it! x

  2. Yeap I know that feeling :) I am glad that it helped you ^^