Wednesday, 31 July 2013

People Help the People

This month I've been listening to " People Help the People " by Birdy all the time. It is such an amazing song and Birdy's calming voice completes it .

These days I've been struggling with some thoughts. Thoughts about friendship and trust.
Lots of people have best friends , but we all know that we can't be forever " best " with them. I f someone have told this to me about 2 years ago I would react like " bullshit". But it isn't. We all grow up and we all change, some people for the good some people for the bad.

But the question is why do we call them " best" if we all know that someday they will be just "friends"?

Some of my ex-best friends , decided to forget their past, some of them decided they want another friends and some just wanted to be popular, while I've been dreaming of growing up together.

I personally thing so much about these stuff and sometimes I just want to pick up all of my clothes and go far away, but it is not like that ,we have to face all the problems that makes us sad, because it isn't that damn hard to be happy,

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